quality, efficiency &
affordability is
our standard


High Pointe Oil has the knowledge and expertise to provide consultation on new construction or renovation projects for your service station.

Preferred Vendors

High Pointe Oil can provide you with a list of preferred vendors that can help you save money and gain peace of mind for your operation.

Customer Services

At High Pointe Oil we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our dealers, especially when it comes to dispatching and trying to get our dealers fuel at the best price and in a timely manner.


High Pointe Oil has built extensive relationships with many regional and local banks/credit unions. We also can help facilitate financing from the United States Small Business Administration.


High Pointe Oil is a wholesale fuel distributor based out of Novi, Michigan and servicing dealers throughout the state with the Shell and Sunoco brands. We have over thirty years of knowledge and experience in the operations of convenience stores and in 2006 entered the wholesale side of the industry. We have grown exponentially every year since, thanks to our commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our dealers achieve and exceed their goals. At High Pointe Oil we are all about providing value for our dealers and are willing to go above and beyond what many others are willing to do. That is why we say that providing quality, efficiency and affordability, is our standard.


Americans today more than ever are focused on brands. As a business owner the key to your success can hinge on your brand and building a brand can take time, effort, and of course money. The advantage of joining High Pointe Oil’s dealer network is the fact that we have already solved this problem for you. When you decide to become a High Pointe dealer you have the option of joining two of the most well recognized brands in the fuel service industry in Shell and Sunoco. We provide:

  • Worry-Free-Keep-Fill Programs
  • Smart Fuel Buying
  • Fuel Inventory Control
  • Project Renovations & Updates
  • New Construction
  • Sales/Acquisitions
  • Consultation regarding properties in distress

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